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Pokémon GO downloads and tricks: maps to find those rare, how to check if the server down [UPDATING]

UPDATE 27.07 : now 75 million people have downloaded the GO Pokémon app, quinid success is global. Today comes a major upgrade: you're bored of finding the Zubat another? For this there is a new free application that shows where all the available Pokémon around the player's map and yes, even the rarest. It's called Pokémon Bliss and can be downloaded here from the Play Store .

How to use it? Once you open the app will display a map initially focused on its position and a button that says "Get Pokemon Locations": we must press to display placeholders for all the Pokémon in the area. Unlike other similar apps, Poke Bliss does not send notifications indicating the nearby Pokémon, but it is easy to use and can be found via the internet at this address . Recall that the app is not official of course Niantic or Nintendo.

UPDATE 22:07 : There are two innovations that will make life easier for players  Pokemon GO cheats: a new map and a new site for the server health. The first solution we are proposing today is Poké , a tool that allows you to observe in real time the position of the Pokémon world . Simply fill in the geographical coordinates or the name of your city and you will see a map of the place with all the Pokémon in the surrounding area. Easy is not it? In addition to this we also find on the map of the timer indicating how long the Pokémon remain in a particular place. These maps seem reliable as they are developed directly on Niantic API (leaning to those of Google Maps). Yes, the whole thing can sometimes be slow and crowded, but it remains a very useful tool. 

The second tool that we show serves to monitor the status of servers: already because of too many players at times it is impossible to play GO Pokémon, in the meantime some hackers are threatening to bring down everything. To see if everything goes the right way just go a guide), to see the server status. The tracker is updated every 30 seconds and it is a tool graicamente very clear and clean. 

instagram followers free has become a cultural phenomenon rather than an app or a game. We have already seen on our pages the definitive guide on how to level up, get coins or gyms  with the advice to start, capture or evolve our Pokémon. This however will cover the tricks and secrets to play the best, not to miss anything. First, the download , the app is available on the Play Store Italian, although many have already downloaded the apk . Obviously we suggest to download the official Android and iOS to not run into malware . 

Now we turn to tricks and tips to make life easier for  GO Pokémon .


In  Pokémon GO  's map, there are Pokestop and whatnot. But in recent days they are beginning to emerge on the App Store for iOS and Android Play Store for some apps that promise to help players to catch them all, making finding the Pokémon in the immediate vicinity, making it easier to find even the rarest monsters. Many of these apps like fifa 17 coin generator have a crowdsourced approach are the same players that indicate the positions of the Pokémon that are on the map, others can use these guidelines as a resource to find more Pokémon.

The first is called  Poke Radar for Pokemon GO and, coincidentally, is the second most downloaded app from the App Store after  GO Pokémon . Developed by Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DIVONA, it is also coming to Android. With this app you can see on the map all Pkémon reported in a certain place.Each report shows the time and the day that has been made ​​and any other person may vote in turn this alert: positively if in fact the suggestion is right or in a negative way if you did not find the Pokémon.

Recall that Poke Radar, especially if coupled with GO Pokémon , tends to drain your battery very quickly, also many users have complained about the unreliability of reports. In any case the app will improve with time, if used by multiple users. 

The second is  Helper for Pokemon Go , even if the previous one is better developed. The operation is similar, Cheat FIFA 17 - Cheat pour des crédits et points but do not expect to always find a Pokémon where he found another player.

Finally a third app, signaled for Android, is  GO Helper , that helps rather in the challenges within the gyms. Once downloaded open it will need to see a small pin on the screen with the colors of the Poké Ball, you are always on the screen to call the app during play. It started a fight you will have no choice but to tap the pin and search your opponent's name to see its features and above what is vulnerable.


Last weekend  GO Pokémon  was not working, the servers were down because of too many accesses (or perhaps of a DDOS attack). This needs a way to figure out if you venture out in search of monsters out of the house or sit completely on the couch watching the (damn) Poké Ball to turn endlessly. How to do?Simple, you need to check the status of the game servers. 

In fact, several services have sprung up on the net that allow you to check the status of the game servers: no more time to look at a Poké Ball rotating waiting for a sign of life. However, this is not the official services and therefore not managed from Niantic, then we talk about statistics compiled by users in order to understand super mario run cheats if the down has spread around the world or in a specific region. One of the best known is  MMO Server Status , Member of the portal control of many online games infrastructure but also remember DownDetector , which also provides graphics and real-time map of offline areas.

This article will be constantly updated with the tricks disparate for  GO Pokémon .

Post by pokemongamer (2016-07-27 12:30)

Tags: pokemongo pokemon go tips tricks cheats

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